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Latinx Vote But Make It Fashion

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Presidential 2020 elections are right around the corner y tu en la casa huevoniando quemando los frijoles que tu madre te dijo que cuidaras...translation you are at home, being lazy and burning the beans your mom told you to keep an eye on.

On the real tho’ have you registered to vote? You are one of 32 million eligible Latinx voters. THIRTY-TWO MILLION! La comunidad...your undocumented, DACAmented, our elderly relatives, immigrants detained in I.C.E camps, those incarcerated during COVID-19, the Dreamers and those hustling for a better life...your community depend on you. Like Beyonce and her comadre Nicki Minaj rap “if you ain’t on the team, you playing for Team D!” If you decide not to vote--- then you playing for Team D as in the orange Cheeto’s team.

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it."

And we want this President out.

If you are looking to inspire your voting vibes, here are eight vote/vota apparel and gear items made by Latinx designers for Latinx voters. Buy and wear these proudly in the next 40 days before the election to spread the word to vote. All around this is a win-win, not only do you support a Latinx small business by purchasing their apparel, but you educate and inspire others to vote!


Brown Badass Bonita

Brown Badass Bonita's crop top t-shirt plays on Bad Bunny's "Te Bote" song should have you perreando to the voting booth.


image by Kim Guerra via


Hija De Tu Madre

This t-shirt is an ode to the "cries/laughs in Spanish" meme. HDTM affirms you can be a jefa and make a difference. AND WE LOVE IT!


image by Patty Delgado via


Ojos Cafe Shop This is a not-so-subtle nod to the movie "Mean Girls" Get in Pendejx and vamos a votar!


image owned by Ojos Cafe Shop via etsy


Jen Zeano Designs

JZD se la rajo aka killed it! with their whole vota apparel collection for adults and the nenes babies. They give you options between blue or grey t-shirts, a mustard yellow sweater and a pink crop top. Take my money!


image owned Jen Zeano Designs via


Voto Latino

It should not be a surprise the organization responsible for registering the largest number of Latinos, Latino Vote also sells t-shirts and the most chingon mug in the history of mugs.


image owned Voto Latino via


Chingona Fest Texas

Every year a non-profit Hustle for a Cause hosts Chingona Fest in Texas bringing Latinx food, entertainment, crafts and vendors dedicated to, that's right, Chingonas! Check out their gear.


image owned Hustle for a Cause via


Grl Collective

A black and white striped round-neck tee with the word “vote” is a symbolic-female fashion forward statement, but also serves as a reminder for our Latinx community to vote. Buying this Grl Collective tee gives 20 percent of the proceeds to funding girls' education.


image owned Grl Collective via


Latina Vote

A movement that started last year on Instagram to encourage Latina’s to vote is selling a beautiful sky blue tee that reads “Tu voto, Tu Voz” and "Latinas Vote."


image by Erik Williams via Latina Vote

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