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No te dejes. Don't give up.

Live by our passions not by our routines. Our passion projects are what change the world 

The sky is not the limit when we collaborate, hustle and empower other Latinas.

Self-love is important but what is also important is love for our Latina hermanas to pull each other up. 

Be fearless. No temas de tu poder— of your power. The power you have is that no one is you. 

We all have dreams. I know first-hand, it’s hard to be a dreamer when you are told to wake-up all the time by life's realities. The most empowering thing we can do as a community is to grow dreamers whether political or entrepreneurial and give them resources to make them come true. 

Never give up. Dreams die the day you give up. And your ancestors roots raised no quitters.


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